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Our View: Run for public office


A lot of people like to complain about how Green River and Sweetwater County are being run.

For some, they’re upset with how the city’s schedule for street and sidewalk replacements is set. Others think the county should refocus its priorities, putting more of its budget in public safety than it did last year. Fortunately for those who think they could do a better job at helping guide local government, the opportunity to put their ideas into public discourse is fast approaching.

Election season is around the corner. This year, along with seats in the state legislature and on the Green River City Council up for election, residents will have the opportunity to vote for three Sweetwater County Commissioners and other top officials within the county government. Those positions include the Sweetwater County Clerk of District Court, the county attorney and the county treasurer.

For some of the positions, experience should be a major factor in the election. For example, people likely don’t want a county coroner without experience in working with the deceased or a county attorney who does not have a law degree. On the other hand, there are a number of spots available to people that don’t require experience. Want to run for city council, school board, the county commissioners or Castle Rock Hospital District, the only thing a person needs is a desire to volunteer and serve the community the best they can.

The most important thing a person can offer is new ideas and the desire to carry them through. While there is undoubtedly a learning curve involved with running a successful campaign and learning the political ropes involved with being a member of a governing body, there are rewards as well.

A city council can create a multi-year agenda that can have lasting, positive impacts on the residents of Green River. The same is true for Sweetwater County School District No. 2, Castle Rock’s board and the county commissioners.

We encourage residents to run for office. Those who seek political office with the intent on improving the cities and counties they live in are people worthy of respect, regardless of the election’s outcome. After all, those who want to serve the public’s best interest, those who want to plant trees that they won’t be able to enjoy the shade from, are the best people to guide the city and county into the future.


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