Our View: Where are the pitchforks and torches?


In the wake of the tragic Florida school shooting that resulted in the deaths of 17 people, discussion about gun control and the Second Amendment have again dominated discussions.

However, for all the proposed solutions, one comment from President Donald Trump and the response it has received highlights a particular hypocrisy many on the right seem to have. Trump recently said firearms should be taken from dangerous people without due process, claiming working with court systems would take too long to deal with the possible threat. Trump has received rightfully deserved criticism for the comment, but Fox News’ Tucker Carlson hits the proverbial nail on the head.

“Imagine if Barack Obama had said that,” he said last week.

Yes, let’s imagine if he had. Carlson said there would be talk of impeachment and secession from Republicans, but looking beyond Washington, D.C., we can be sure many people would use the comment as a confirmation of one of their greatest fears: that the government is finally coming to take their guns.

So far, we haven’t seen that kind of response. We haven’t seen groups coming out of the woodwork and claiming the President is overreaching his authority or attempting to undermine the importance of the Second Amendment. We haven’t seen anyone making fiery rebuttals claiming the President and the government would only take their guns form their “cold, dead hands.” Aside from some criticism, it seems as if the people with a vested interest in their right to bear arms shrugged their shoulders and carried on with their day.

Perhaps this speaks more to President Trump’s effectiveness as a leader or to the constant turmoil the White House has found itself in since his inauguration. Perhaps people have become numb to what he’s said because of the wild claims he’s made since he first stepped out onto the campaign trail. Regardless, there is some hypocrisy in play. Because Trump is a Republican or because he’s not being taken seriously, his comments are left to slide while anyone else making similar statements would face a volley of harsh criticism from all sides interested in preserving the Second Amendment.

Those interested in the maintaining the Second Amendment should respond equally to all statements and proposals that would impact the amendment. Otherwise, those same people may find their arguments undermined in the future.


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