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By David Martin

Kids tape principal, teacher to wall


February 21, 2018

David Martin

Meleeya Wood, right, looks on as Aislyn Scheffield psychs herself up to help stick her principal to the wall.

While many of the Make-A-Wish fundraisers over the past two weeks have involved high school students and residents taking part in activities ranging from dodgeball and basketball to hosting a bonfire at Green River High School, students at Truman Elementary School did something a little different. They taped a teacher and their principal to a gym wall. Friday afternoon, students purchased strips of duct tape to adhere principal Greg Figenser and fourth-grade teacher David Asselmeier to a brick wall, all the while Figenser playfully attempted to use students' recess as a bargaining chip to convince them to stick more tape on Asselmeier.

The strips of tape quickly formed a multicolored blanket over both men, eventually sticking them to the wall. Along with added adhesion, the continued addition of tape also sealed body heat.

"It gets pretty spicy up there," Figenser said.

"It feels like being under a lot of warm blankets on a hot day," Asselmeier added.

The two stuck to the wall for a couple of moments before Asselmeier's side separated, freeing the teacher.

Figenser was stuck to the wall until the tape was peeled from the wall. In all, the school raised $1,279.06, with Asselmeier's class raising the most with $178.12.


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