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Two more losses hit Lady Wolves team


February 7, 2018

This weekend the Lady Wolves basketball team lost both of their conference games by double digits, taking their conference record to 0-5.

Head coach Rick Carroll said they Lady Wolves started of each game pretty good and during some points in the game they were playing consistent basketball and they had good defense.

“We’re just really struggling to score,” Carroll said. “They never beat us bad every quarter, but they beat us every quarter.”

Out of the eight quarters of basketball the Lady Wolves played against Natrona County and Kelly Walsh, the Lady Wolves only outscored the other team in one quarter. Even if they weren’t behind by much, it continued to add up. In the end, Natrona County came out on top, 56-38, and Kelly Walsh also obtained a victory with, 59-41.

One area that continues to plague the Lady Wolves is turnovers. Carroll said they had 24 turnovers in each game.

“It’s really frustrating,” Carroll said. “We out rebounded them in both games.”

However, even if the Lady Wolves are out rebounding the other teams, if they aren’t able to score on those rebounds the other team will keep pulling away.

“So we continue to struggle with the scoring,” Carroll said.

Some other areas the Lady Wolves need to improve on is their shooting from the field and the line.

“There were times when we were playing very well,” Carroll said.

However, they Lady Wolves would then have a lapse and that would allow the other team to go on a run, which only added to the deficit.

For example: in one of the games over the weekend, the Lady Wolves turned over the ball two or three times in a row and the other team scored seven points in less than one minute. That’s hard to come back from.

Carroll thinks the Lady Wolves might just be getting frustrated and are trying hard to score as fast as they can, when they need to take a little more time and hit the shots.

For the next five games the Lady Wolves will return to their home court.

On Friday, the Lady Wolves will play Evanston at 6 p.m., while on Saturday they will play Jackson at 1:30 p.m.

“We need to take better care of the ball,” Carroll said in preparation for the games this weekend.

Leading the team in the Natrona County game was Erika Wilson with 12 points, three rebounds, one assist and four steals, followed by Andri Dewey with 11 points, 11 rebounds, six assists and three steals and Tayana Crowder with six points, six rebounds and one steal.

Leading the team in the Kelly Walsh game was Andri Dewey with 14 points, 10 rebounds, four assists and five steals, Tayana Crowder with seven points, four rebounds and one steal and Georgina Barrios with six point and 13 rebounds.


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