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Train derails in GR Monday


December 6, 2017

Star photo by Stephanie Thompson

Eight cars derailed in the Green River yard Monday morning. The derailment could easily be scene from the Greenbelt pathway, which runs next to the Green River.

On Monday morning, while temperatures were in the 20s, eight cars derailed in the Green River yard.

Kristen South, Union Pacific Railroad media relations director for the Wyoming area, said at about 9:45 a.m. eight cars derailed, but remained in an upright position. This means that although the cars did leave the track, they didn't flip onto the side or roll over completely.

South said she did not know what the cars that derailed contained.

The derailment could easily be seen from the Greenbelt pathway that went past the Green River Horse Corrals.

The railroad tracks where the derailment happened were right next to the Green River.

Even though the yard had a derailment, operations continued.

"Our main traffic line was not impacted at all," South said.

No one was injured in the derailment and U.P. will have a team working hard to determine the cause.

Meanwhile, U.P. brought equipment in to get all of the cars back on the track.

As for the investigation portion, South said she is not sure if it will take weeks or even months to complete.

It all depends on the circumstances; and each derailment is different.


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