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By Stephanie Thompson
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An unexpected day off


November 29, 2017

Be careful what you wish for.

We’ve all heard this phrase. It’s a cautionary phrase that for me I never thought much of until this week.

On Sunday, as the long weekend was wrapping up I sort of wished that I wouldn’t have to go to work on Monday. Little did I know my wish would be granted, just not in the way I would ever want or hope.

Yes. I did wind up taking Monday and even Tuesday off, but not for the reasons I would have wanted to. Nope. The flu decided to visit me. As I ran from the bed to the bathroom, I couldn’t help but think “I wished for the day off and boy did I get it.” 

To be honest, I would have much rather been at work. I love my job, but after long weekends or vacations, I like everyone else find it hard to get back into the swing of things.

This week, will be even harder since I will be missing at least two days of work; and I hope that’s all I’ll miss. 

The first day of the flu was horrible, my head felt like it was going to explode, my stomach was turning and my entire body ached. I started to realize this all sounded familiar and these are exactly the same symptoms my youngest son complained of five days prior. He never made a lot of visits to the bathroom, but I suspect he had the same thing. Now, I am hoping and praying my oldest son and my husband don’t get this crud. 

The second day of the flu, I still had a headache and stomachache and I felt very week. Although I was making trips to the bathroom, they weren’t as frequent. I decided I was well enough to type up a couple of stories from home. 

For some reason, I had not only brought my notebook home, but my recorder. I guess somehow I knew I’d be needing it. 

It never ceases to amaze me how things work out. In the future, I’ll probably be more careful about wishing for a day off even though it was probably just a coincidence that I got sick on the day I wanted off.


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