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By David Martin

Scams hit close to home


October 18, 2017

“I couldn’t believe someone would do that,” Green River Fire Chief Mike Nomis said. “It’s disappointing.”

The fire department was recently used by a scammer, who called residents and claimed to be soliciting donations to the department. The GRFD does have a foundation, which Nomis said only solicits through the mail. They never call residents.

“That’s the only time we solicit for donations,” Nomis said.

Scams are nothing new for residents of Green River and Sweetwater County. Residents have reported being contacted by people representing the IRS, Publisher’s Clearing House and local law enforcement, to name a few. The goal, regardless of the who the scammer claims to represent, is the same however: personal banking or credit card information they can use to pad their own wallets.

The Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office also reports a scam circulating throughout Green River. Last week, the sheriff’s office issued a press release regarding people claiming to be law enforcement and threatening residents for avoiding jury duty.

According to the sheriff’s office, callers would be instructed to purchase e-vouchers of reloadable gift cards for as much as $1,500, then call a fake 307 area code phone number, using technology to mask their true phone number.

Sheriff Mike Lowell said in the release that law enforcement or agency within the criminal justice system would ask for money to pay for fines over the phone. He also tells residents to hang up their phone should they receive one of these calls and take note of the phone number used to call, if possible.

He also said residents should not provide their financial information to any such caller.


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