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GR students clean up along highway, in parks


October 11, 2017

Star photo by Stephanie Thompson

Expedition Academy student Cadence Olson, right, holds open an orange trash bag, while Krysta Doney throws some trash and dead leaves into the bag. Edgewater Park was just one of the parks the students visited Friday morning.

Students from Expedition Academy braved the brisk temperatures Friday morning for their community service projects.

Although the sun was out, the wind was cold as the students picked up trash along Highway 530 and at several city parks around town.

While at Edgewater Park, the students could be seen huddling together as they walked around the park picking up any litter they could find. A couple of students would hold the orange garbage bag, while others would gather up the trash or dead leaves and put them in it.

Ensuring the students learn how to serve the community, is something employees at Expedition Academy want to pass on to the students.

"I think it's important because not only is it good for the community, but for the benefit of the children who go to the parks," student Cadence Olson said.

Olson, who recently moved to Green River, said at first she wasn't too sure about starting a new school because she had been picked on at other schools she's attended. However, she soon found out she didn't need to worry.

"I've actually made a lot of friends," Olson said. "A bunch of the people here are incredibly fun and accepting."

Even though Olson was new to the school, she quickly caught on to how important serving the community is to the teachers and students at her new school.

"It also teaches us kids a lot about responsibilities and how to clean up after ourselves," Olson said.

It is important for people to understand that when they litter, their trash can become a problem for wildlife and the environment, Olson said.

It didn't take long for the students to clean Edgewater Park. Once it was cleaned, they made their way to the bus, got on and went to another park. The group cleaning the city parks were just going from park to park until it was time for a barbecue, which was the school's way of rewarding its students for a job well done.


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