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Our View: Local news publications still strong


October 4, 2017

While we can’t speak to the long term viability of our big-city cousins in the newspaper business, we can tell you with confidence that your hometown paper is in fine shape.

Our annual audit of our readership, mandated by the United States Postal Service, is printed in last week’s newspaper and it’s as strong as ever.

That’s because with few exceptions, if you want to read about Green River and people of Sweetwater County, there’s one credible source that leaves the others in the dust.

And it’s the same source that your grandparents trusted, and perhaps their grandparents too.

We enjoy a pretty simple business model at this newspaper and it is predicated on providing credible news, entertainment and information to our readers.

Unlike our big-city cousins, who probably have share holders to worry about, this newspaper is family owned and those owners put you, the reader, first.

And because you (and thousands of other readers) pay a few bits each week to learn what’s new in this community, we can sell advertising to the reputable businesses who want to reach all those readers.

Since our first priority is to you, and this being National Newspaper Week, we’d like to let you know that we see ourselves as caregivers of this franchise, which you call your newspaper.

Which is as it should be - the few quarters you pay each week for this paper allow us to work on your behalf for a responsible and open government which serves its citizens.

We also like to think of ourselves as protectors of not just the public’s interest as a whole, but also of the individual. The press, when used honestly, is a strong voice in the face of a bully.

All tolled, the revenue we receive from readers buying this newspaper is a fraction of what it takes to produce it - so we solicit advertising from businesses mostly near (and a few far) to pay the bills who also provide you with information that can help you make a smart purchasing decision.

We hope that you’ll look to our advertisers in these pages and consider spending your money with them.

This community would not exist without these businesses and we encourage you to consider that before your next click on Amazon.

And thank you, dear reader, for your continued loyalty.

We know it’s been earned by those you’ve entrusted to care for this newspaper and we will endeavor to keep earning your trust.


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