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High school student hosts walk to raise funds


September 27, 2017

A Green River High School student is trying to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

When Mary Harris saw the devastation the hurricanes caused on the news she felt a need to do something.

“So many people are suffering and I see it on the news and I wanted to raise money,” Harris said.

“I’ve organized a river walk for the victims of the hurricanes Harvey and Irma.”

Harris said she thought creating a walking event would be a good way to raise money. Harris will be collecting monetary donations at the river walk, which is scheduled to take place Saturday, Sept. 30, 10 a.m. at the Green River Bike Park, next to Zehawi Fields.

The first 100 walk attendees will receive a free T-shirt with the lift logo on it.

Lift is an acronym for Love, Inspire, Feed and Train and is a nonprofit created to provide emergent care, love, and feed to victims suffering disasters locally, statewide, nationally and internationally, and then to provide education and guidance for self reliance, needs are determined, action is taken, advertising and recruitment is perpetual.

Lift was started over a year ago, but it took a long time for Harris to come up with the logo.

Harris designed the logo herself, but her mother, Marsha helped pick the colors which are red and white lettering on a blue shirt.

Her mother is also helping her out with this project. Harris said her mother found someone who is on the front lines and who can receive 100 percent of the donations and put them to good use.

“I just know service is so important,” Harris said. “It brings joy to me and it unites communities and the world.”

Harris is encouraging residents to come to the river walk, give a donation and take a short walk for exercise. Early birds are welcome.


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