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By Katie Duncombe
City of Green River 

Notes from Town Square: After school programs


September 27, 2017

In our current economic climate, there are many families where both parents are working or even have multiple jobs. For many single-parent homes, a full-time and part-time job is a regular necessity.

Here in Green River, shift work and overtime can be challenging if you have children.

That’s where an after school program can help. It is a safe, fun, and productive place to send children when school is out for the afternoon. Most programs provide homework assistance, a healthy snack, and fun physical activities or free play for children. These programs can expose children to new and exciting activities that they have never done before.

At the Green River After School Program housed at Truman Elementary School, we do arts and crafts, science experiments, make fun treats, and encourage free time on the playground with sports and games.

Children can get the help they need and find positive role models at this program.

Why is it good for the community? It keeps children off the street, gets them extra homework support so they can be successful in school, and provides them a safe place with healthy practices. It also makes it easier for parents to work a full day and gives them peace of mind while at work, so they are more productive.

The program also provides a place for high school, college students, or seniors to volunteer and become involved in the community.

It can provide purpose for a senior in the community or help that high school student achieve some academic or personal goals and/or requirements they may have. People looking for assistance with their children can check out an after school program in the community.

Those interested in more information about the Green River After School Program can contact the Green River Recreation Center at 872-0511.


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