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Swimmers win weekend meets


September 20, 2017

The Green River High School Lady Wolves swimming team finished first in both of its meets this past weekend.

On Friday the Lady Wolves traveled to Rock Springs and shined at the meet. They not only broke pool records, but added to their list of state qualifiers.

Head coach Colleen Seiloff said it was nice that the team didn’t have to travel that far for a good, competitive meet.

On Saturday, the Lady Wolves didn’t have to travel at all since they hosted the Green River Invite.

It was nice for the Lady Wolves to have the home-pool advantage as well as extra support from the crowd. The Lady Wolves continued to show what a strong team they were by putting up fast times against more than 10 teams at the meet.

Seiloff said the Lady Wolves always seem to do better when they have family and friends there to support them.

In the end, Green River came out on top of both meets. The team will have a few nights this week to practice to prepare for another meet. This time, the Lady Wolves will travel to Lyman on Saturday.

Swimming results

Rock Springs meet

1.Green River High School, 333.5

2. Thunder Basin High School, 306

3. Rock Springs High School, 220

4. Campbell County High School, 161.5

5. Rawlins High School, 137

200-yard Medley Relay

GR, Lauren Jensen, Jesse Lauze, Avery Otto, Ashley Jensen, 1:57.95 (Pool Record)

200-yard Freestyle

Sydni Sanders, 2:06.35 (State Qualifier)

Jarin Mandros, 2:28.55

Emily Foerster, 2:33.45

Cassidy Gomez, 2:40.17

200-Yard IM

A. Otto, 2:21.38 (Pool Record)

Alexa Lauze, 2:34.07

Lauren Lee, 2:35.91

Madison Young, 2:37.97

50-yard Free

3. L. Jensen, 26.20 (State Qualifier)

5. J. Lauze, 27.18 (State Qualifier)

Adrienne Merrick, 28.78

Emily Reyes, 28.88

100-yard Butterfly

1. L. Jensen, 1:08.42 (State Qualifier)

Emilee Mandros, 1:25.20


2. S. Sanders, 58.24 (State Qualifier)

A. Jensen, 1:01.42

Kaycee Olsen, 1:01.63

A. Merrick, 1:03.39

500-yard Freestyle

Cynthia Shereda, 7:23.88

Demi Tayler, 7:29.24

200-yard Freestyle Relay

L. Jensen, J. Lauze, L. Lee, S. Sanders, 1:48.57 (Pool Record)

100-yard Backstroke

A. Jensen, 1:11.73

E. Reyes, 1:12.25

S. Foerster, 1:18.84

J. Mandros, 1:20.01

100-yard Breaststoke

A. Otto, 1:140.42 (Pool Record)

J. Lauze, 1:15.17 (Pool Record)

A. Lauze, 1:21.52

E. Mandros, 1:26.27

400-yard Freestyle Relay

2. S. Sanders, L. Lee, A. Jensen, A. Otto, 3:57.08 (Pool Record)

Green River Swim Meet

1. GRHS, 319

2. Thunder Basin High School, 253

3. Kelly Walsh High School, 178

4. Campbell County High School, 138

5. Rock Springs High School, 120

200-yard Medley Relay

GRHS, L. Jensen, J. Lauze, A. Otto, A. Jensen, 1:56.46

200-yard Freestyle

3. S. Sanders, 2:07.69 (State Qualifier)

4. L. Lee, 2:09.69 (State Qualifier)

A Lauze, 2:15.46 (State Qualifier)

A. Merrick, 2:15.48 (State Qualifier)

200-yard IM

A. Jensen, 2:32.82 (State Qualifier)

M. Young, 2:35.97 (State Qualifier)

Cherylann Mortiz, 2:36.38 (State Qualifier)

E. Mandros, 2:46.35

50-yard Freestyle

A. Otto, 24.92 (State Qualifier)

J. Lauze, 27.78 (State Qualifier)

Kaycee Olsen, 28.21 (State Qualifier)

J. Madros, 28.88

100-yard Butterfly

A. Otto, 59.36 (State Qualifier)

L. Jensen, 1:04.66 (State Qualifier)

M. Young, 1:14.59 (State Qualifier)

J. Mandros, 1:17.81

100-yard Freestyle

S. Sanders, 57.50 (State Qualifier)

A. Jensen, 59.05 (State Qualifier)

E. Reyes, 1:02.19 (State Qualifier)

A. Merrick, 1:02.64 (State Qualifier)

500-yard Freestyle

L. Lee, 5:41.05 (State Qualifier)

A. Lauze, 5:55.75 (State Qualifier)

C. Mortiz, 6:07.26 (State Qualifier)

Sierra Fryer, 7:19.87

200-yard Freestyle Relay

GRHS, L. Jensen, J. Lauze, L. Lee, S. Sanders, 1:46.73

100-yard Backstroke

L. Jensen, 1:04.06 (State Qualifier)

E. Reyes, 1:11.39 (State Qualifier)

S. Foerster, 1:15.92

Kamilyn Lloyd, 1:22.82

100-yard Breaststroke

J. Lauze, 1:16.16 (State Qualifier)

Selena Souza, 1:25.12

E. Mandros, 1:26.69

K. Olsen, 1:27.77

400-yard Freestyle Relay

2. GRHS, L. Lee, S. Sanders, A. Jensen, A. Otto, 4:01.51


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