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No limitations


September 20, 2017

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Jimmy Hamilton likes to try all sorts of different activities. One of his favorites is racing dirt bikes in the desert.

He was diagnosed at a young age.

His mother, Sara Hamilton, noticed when Jimmy was around two years old that he wasn't developing the way he should.

"He's my fourth child, so I knew he wasn't meeting benchmarks," Sara said.

Sara made sure Jimmy received the help he needed and didn't allow an autism diagnosis define him.

"I don't want to limit him," Sara said.

With that attitude in mind, Jimmy, 11, hasn't been limited, he's done just about anything he's wanted to try, including dirt bike racing, biking, BMX bike riding, 4-wheeling, skiing, sledding to playing the clarinet in the band.

"He races dirt bikes," Sara said. "He's got a lot of trophies for that."

Even though Jimmy joins just about anything that interests him, he still has some things he struggles with including, reading and writing.

Jimmy doesn't focus on the negatives, but rather what he can do well, like math, science and spelling.

"I help kids with spelling," Jimmy said.

Just this past year, Jimmy started playing football with his Monroe Intermediate School friends during recess.

Sara, who serves lunch at the school, said the kids would come through the lunch line and tell her she needed to sign Jimmy up for football.

Sara didn't think much about it the first time a few of Jimmy's peers approached her, but after they came and asked her about it again and again she decided she'd ask Jimmy.

Jimmy told Sara he wouldn't mind trying out for a football team because his friends said he's good at catching the ball.

He also said he wouldn't mind trying football "because it looks awesome and stuff."

Sara signed Jimmy up for the Green River Youth Football League, where he was then drafted by the Buccaneers. Jimmy wasn't too sure about being drafted by the Buccaneers.

"I was going to go into the Cowboys," Jimmy said.

However, he's enjoyed his time with the Buccaneers and his time with his coach, Tim Roberts, who Jimmy said shows him all the plays he needs to do and make sure he's in the right place.

"I'm really enjoying it," Jimmy said.

Sara and Jimmy were both excited because Jimmy was able to run the ball in for an point after a touchdown. They don't do point after kicks in this league, Sara said, so they always have a chance to try and run the ball in.

Jimmy said he used the crazy eight move the coach taught him to score the extra point.

"I like the coach when he puts me on offense," Jimmy said.

Sara said the coach pushes the kids to do the best they can and Jimmy has responded well to the instruction. He's making new friends and learning something new about the game every day.

"I like the coach, he inspires the kids," Sara said. "He takes the time to make sure the kids know where they are going."


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