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By Stephanie Thompson
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I know, school starts soon


August 9, 2017

Yes. I am aware that there’s only a couple of weeks left until school starts.

Please stop reminding me.

Maybe it’s because my youngest is going to start kindergarten this year that makes me feel this way or maybe it’s because I realize that all too soon my children would rather spend time with their friends than me. Either way, the whole thought of them both going to school makes me upset and nervous. I feel as though I am never going to see them again even though I’ll probably be working while they are in school.

Maybe it’s because my two sons are still young, but I really enjoy and cherish the time we get to spend together in the summers. I look forward to the time probably more than they do.

It actually pains me a little bit when people ask “Are you sick of your kids yet? “Can’t you wait for them to go back to school?”

So when people ask me those questions it just reminds me of how I feel, which isn’t a good feeling. In fact, I think I’m more anxious about my youngest starting kindergarten than he is. He’d start today if he could.

I want to scream “No!,” and give the people asking those questions one of my mom looks, but instead I just smile and say “No, I love spending time with them.”

In fact, at the beginning of the summer my boys and I come up with a list of things we want to get done in the summer. For the most part, we’ve checked almost all of them off, but that doesn’t mean I’m sick of them or can’t wait for them to go to school. Just the opposite.

I guess when people keep reminding me that school is about to start, it just brings up all of those feelings that quite frankly I just don’t want to have to deal with until the first day of school.

I know school is going to be starting soon. I have all of the school supplies bought and the boys are ready to go, I just don’t want to be reminded of it because it will be here soon enough.


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