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Our View: Hospital agreement benefits GR


Green River’s residents stand to benefit from a potential affiliate agreement between Castle Rock Hospital District and Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County and we’re happy to see the two healthcare organizations taking the first steps in drafting a new agreement. The two had a previous agreement in place, but one of the last moves MHSC made under former CEO Jerry Klein was to pull out of the agreement, which blindsided Castle Rock.

A new affiliate agreement between the two would mean an improved working relationship.

In the past, MHSC had attempted to compete with CRHD by offering similar services in Green River. While MHSC’s board of directors have pushed the hospital in a new direction, an agreement with CRHD would solidify a desire to move away from a winner take all style of business management.

Of course any agreement ultimately depends on both entities following the agreement, but with MHSC’s new direction, we think the hospital is more likely to follow the agreement now than in the past.

While Rock Springs is only a short drive down Interstate 80, a new affiliate agreement would benefit Green River’s residents by giving them the option of not driving a 30-mile round trip. Allowing specialists from the hospital to visit with Green River patients in Green River means residents who have difficulties traveling can visit a specialist without the hassle of traveling to and from Rock Springs. It also means patients don’t have to schedule as much time to see their specialist if they book their appointment for Green River, as travel time isn’t a major factor.

A second issue needing to be ironed out involves Castle Rock Ambulance Service ability to transport patients to hospitals in Salt Lake City.

We think the service should receive just as much consideration as Sweetwater Medics does for those transports. While placing Castle Rock Ambulance Service on a call rotation would be ideal, patients also have a choice in which service transports them to Salt Lake City and should be told they can chose their preferred service.

We hope an agreement between MHSC and CRHD does develop and once in place, benefits both. While a great agreement would benefit the two, the biggest beneficiaries would be the people living in Green River.

It would improve residents’ access to quality care, which ultimately is the main reason MHSC and CRHD both exist.


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