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Our View: No need to fear the future


Graduation week is in full swing in Sweetwater County.

Ceremonies at Western Wyoming Community College, Green River High School and Expedition Academy have already concluded while students at Rock Springs High School will receive their diplomas Saturday. For all graduates, not just those receiving their high school diplomas, we have a word of advice:

Don’t be afraid.

It’s easy to fear the unknown. After all, ambiguous nature of the future is a major reason why people get nervous about what lies ahead during the course of several months or several years.

For high school and college graduates, it’s OK not to have the next four or six years of your life planned out to the exact detail. A lot of students know which college they’re going to this autumn, what they’re going to study, when they anticipate to graduate, what job they’ll have and where they’re going to work.

While we don’t deny it’s important to maintain responsibilities and be productive, that doesn’t mean a person should be afraid to cut loose and enjoy the time they have, regardless of if its a short summer vacation before college, a year off from school or going into the workforce immediately after graduation.

There’s also no need to fear events going on in the world. With a recent terror attack in the United Kingdom, fears of heightened tensions with North Korea and, more locally, concerns about the future of the Wyoming economy, there’s a lot to be concerned about. Regardless, that shouldn’t stop a person from experiencing life and enjoying the world around them.

With terror attacks, the likelihood of being involved in one is still very remote, so it shouldn’t be a concern when considering what could be a once-in-a-lifetime trip overseas. With the economy, once can’t deny that things are tough across the state, but jobs still exist and people are hiring qualified workers.

For high schoolers especially, graduation is a time of celebration and moving on into the next journey, whatever that ends up being. However, there’s no need to fear the unknowns or even the known hurdles that next journey brings.

Regardless of if that next journey results in working in the trona mines, walking the campus of a community college or university or even a backpacking trip through Asia, remember not to let fear of what the future might bring guide a decision.


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