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By Stephanie Thompson
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Many women attend Mother's Day tea


Stephanie Thompson

Linda Smith is listening to door-prize ticket numbers being called, hoping her number will be one of them.

A tea focused on celebrating mothers took place at the senior center Thursday.

The tables were decorated in bright colors with flowers as center pieces. In front of each guest was a tea bag, dessert, which was an ice cream cone filled with chocolate mousse with whipped cream and a strawberry. A plate filled with bite-sized cookies and bars was also on the table for mothers to snack on.

Golden Hour Senior Center activities and marketing coordinator Barbara Bates was busy making sure all of the donated door prizes were properly marked and showing people where to put their door-prize tickets. She made sure to tell the whole room that one of the door prizes was a quilt made by a 97-year-old Rock Springs woman.

The grand prize was the first one given way and it was for a one night's stay at the Wind River Hotel and Casino. Along with that nights stay was a gift certificate worth $50 that could be spent at the casino's restaurant.

When she wasn't busy directing mothers, she was reading poems about how important mothers are.

Some of the poems focused on how mothers work 17 hours a day to keep their kids going and don't think twice about it. Another poem was about what mothers taught their children. This poem included funny anecdotes about how mothers taught their children patience and logic. For example: a mother taught patience to her child when she yelled "You just wait until your father gets home," or logic was taught when a mother told her child "If you fall off of that swing and break your neck, you can't go with me to the store."

Bates also read a poem explaining how God and an angel discussed how he made a women. The angel thought he made the woman too perfect, but God told the angel she has one flaw "she often forgets what she is worth."

"Isn't it wonderful to be a woman," Bates said.

After the door prizes and poems were read, the mothers and a handful of men were treated to a special Mother's Day lunch. The lunch included a strawberry spinach salad; spaghetti salad; chicken, egg and ham salad, cucumber sandwiches, zucchini quiche, scones, variety desserts, punch and tea. As the mothers left the tea, they each were given a carnation, which was donated by Smith's Food and Drug.


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