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Letter: Republicans don't have a voice in caucuses


Dear Editor,

The most recent election cycle brought to the attention of many Wyoming voters a situation of which they were previously not acutely aware. This came about because they wanted to participate in the presidential primary.

Wyoming is not a state that has such a primary, but rather is a caucus state. Voters would need to know that, if they wish to have a voice, they must attend their precinct caucuses. Well, at least if they are registered Democrats, they could have a voice. Unfortunately, if they are registered Republicans, they don’t even have this privilege. Voters who take the trouble to attend Republican caucuses quickly learn that their voice is neither appreciated nor allowed.

The Republican National Committee has disenfranchised Wyoming Republican voters for some reason best known to itself. This is outrageous.

For this reason among others, it is desirable to move Wyoming’s primary elections from August to the spring. There is a lot of discussion taking place around the state, including in the legislature.

Voters should consider contacting the Governor, the Secretary of State and their legislators asking politely yet firmly that the wheels be set in motion for this. Three years from now, Wyoming citizens should be able to make their voices heard alongside those of most of the rest of Americans.

Sheila Leach



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