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GR speech team receives honor


The Green River High School Speech and Debate team has not only left its mark on the Wyoming level, but on a national level as well.

The team has recently obtained 400 Club status on the national level, head coach Carina White said.

“This team works extremely hard, we have many kids ranked in the top of their state and their district.,” White said. “This is a giant accomplishment; and the first time our team has achieved it in the history of GRHS Speech and Debate.”

According to the National Speech and Debate Association website, Green River is currently ranked 52 in the nation with a total of 401 points.

White said the club awards start at 200 and goes up from there. These levels are based on the degrees each student earns as they compete.

“They earn points in competition and those translate to degrees,” White said.

Speech and debate clubs are established at the national level.

“This is the highest ranking we have ever achieved and it is a real honor,” White said.

“We are the only Wyoming School in the 400 Club. Every year, our team achieves new accomplishments and I am so proud to be a part of their efforts.”

The team is coached by White, Pan Parson, RaNae Johnson and Jason Grubb. They also have GRHS speech and debate alumni stop in from time to time to help out. This year, Sarah Sullivan has been volunteering as a coach.

“The background knowledge and dedication of this coaching staff is outstanding,” White said. “They are all so extremely dedicated the kids on the team and it is an honor to work with them.”

How to earn speech and debate degrees

25 points – Merit Degree/Plain Pin

75 points – Honor Degree /Emerald Pin

150 points – Excellence Degree /Sapphire Pin

250 points – Distinction Degree /Ruby Pin

500 Points – Special Distinction Degree /Double Ruby Pin

750 Points – Superior Distinction Degree /Triple Ruby Pin

1,000 Points – Outstanding Distinction Degree /Quad Ruby Pin

1,500 Points – Premier Distinction Degree /Quintuple Ruby Pin

Green River currently has 15 ranked in the top 42 in the state. Gregory Marchal is No. 1 in the state with 1,827 points followed by his teammates Patrick Marchal with 1,513 points, Dallin Mckay Hoyt with 1,470, Jesse Lauze with 1,456, Atlin Johnson with 1,451, Victoria Allen with 1,415, Leslie Patterson with 1,430, Phaedon Jones with 1,344, Reina Kropf with 1,280, Abigaile Grubb with 1,259, Colt Parson with 1,067, Michael Montoya with 1,055, Sarah Kropf with 926, Allison Kloepper with 926 and Spencer Kurth with 925.


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