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By Stephanie Thompson
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Girls team has split weekend


The Green River High School Lady Wolves basketball team traveled again this weekend and returned home with one win and one loss.

On Friday the Lady Wolves took on Cheyenne South and won 66-60.

“I thought we played with a lot of intensity. A lot of energy,” head coach Rick Carroll said.

On that side of the state the game is a lot more physical and the referees let it go. That’s something the Lady Wolves were surprised with and had to adjust to, Carroll said.

“We got them to turn the ball over a little bit,” Carroll said. “I thought people were shooting with confidence.”

Leading the Lady Wolves for the Cheyenne South game was Andri Dewey with 20 points, three steals and three assists, followed by Madelyn Heiser with 19 points, seven rebounds and fives assists and Mallory Seymour with 12 points and three assists and Taylor Stoeger with seven rebounds, three assists, three steals and two blocked shots. Carroll was happy to have three players in double digits during this game.

“That tells me we are sharing the ball a lot,” Carroll said.

One negative of the Cheyenne South game was the team turned the ball over too much.

On Saturday the Lady Wolves took on Laramie and lost 41-52.

“I think turnover was the major factor,” he said.

The turning point in the game for Laramie was when they went on a 10-0 run in the second quarter. The Lady Wolves could never seem to recover from it.

Carroll said they would make up some ground, but then Laramie would keep scoring more and they ended up losing by 11 points.

“We can get a lot more aggressive defensively and take better care of the ball,” Carroll said. “I just don’t feel like we played with great confidence.”

He said the girls just need to gain confidence and know they are a pretty good team.

Carroll said during this game, only one team member had double digits.

“They (Laramie) played pretty good defense,” he said.

Leading the team for the Laramie game was Stoeger with 12 points, nine rebounds, five assists, six steals and three blocked shots, followed by Ashelynn Birch with six rebounds and Dewey with three rebounds.

Preparing for this week’s games

This Thursday and Friday the Lady Wolves will play their first conference games in front of a home crowd.

On Thursday they will take on Evanston at 6 p.m., and on Friday they will play Jackson at 6 p.m.

“I really like the idea that we get to play at home,” Carroll said.

Playing at home is nice because the Lady Wolves are familiar with the court and there is a better attendance at home games. With Evanston being so close, Carroll figured there will be a nice crowd for both teams.

On Friday the Lady Wolves take on Jackson a team they have never played before. Carroll said Jackson replaced Riverton in the 4A Division; while Riverton went to 3A. At least for the next two years Jackson will be in the 4A Division.

“We’ve seen them this year, but we have not played Jackson,” Carroll said.

Carroll said they will prepare for Jackson by watching their film. Under conference bylaws, teams are required to provide other teams with film of their games.

“We know who their leading scorer is,” he said.

The team also knows who their best point guard is.

A couple of areas the team will work on this week include defensive play and ball turnovers.

“That’s one of our goals I guess, to get everyone playing tougher,” Carroll said.


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