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Letter: The wages of stupidity


Dear Editor,

Self-generated terrorists?

You stop them the same way General Pershing stopped Muslim fighters in the Philippines in an earlier war.

First, you debunk everything about posthumous “rewards” (so many virgins, etc. Given to each martyr), then you bury each dead fighter in a pig hide, guaranteeing they will go straight to hell, by their own belief system.

Then, for good measure, you spread the word that every bullet had been dipped in pig fat.

By the way, that belief insults women in general as if they were so many pieces of chattel to be given away, at a man’s will! By the Bible, woman was created equal to man, to be a co-equal helpmate—not a subservient slave!

What the heck! If they’re stupid enough to believe that, and they are, having lived among them for four years, use it against them! Stupidity has its own reward, religious or not.

By the way, I’m tired of seeing one Muslim ignoramus after another splashed across the news with that same smug look on their faces, very much alive, at the time, as if they got away with something.

I think they should only be shown only after they get the due reward for their deeds, wrapped in a pig hide blood and all,- so there’s no doubt what it got them.

Smile at that!

Harris Foster

Green River


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