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By Stephanie Thompson
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Peekaboo toddler time at the library


Stephanie Thompson

Waylon and Tracy Hofer laugh as Waylon makes faces in the mirror at Monday's toddler time.

Such a simple game can be used to teach children so many things.

This was something parents learned at the Sweetwater County Library's toddler time Monday morning.

Youth services director Becky Iwen said this is just one of the 24 themes from the program Seven Days, Seven Ways.

During this toddler time, the children were encouraged to play peekaboo with a see through scarf. They were then encouraged to hide and find various body parts, including eyes, mouth, nose, eye brows and even their belly buttons.

Iwen said peekaboo is also a good way to teach children their colors. An adult can simply hide a different colored scarf and say "Peekaboo I see you behind the blue scarf."

The children also looked at their own reflections in a mirror the library provided them.

The children were asked to find their nose, eyes and hair.

Iwen enjoys the songs and the activities that go with toddler time, but nothing is as rewarding as the end. Toddler time always ends with children getting a small snack, such as Cherrios, and then they cuddle up with their parent to listen to them read a book.

"I really love seeing all the caregivers and little ones reading at the end," Iwen said.

After the children are done listening to their parents read a book, they are encouraged to either complete a craft or color.

This week, they were encouraged to color with round colors. Some were busy coloring the picture of a baby playing peekaboo, while others were busy stacking the circular crayons.


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