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By Stephanie Thompson
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Fast, easy and delicious? Something I must try


Fall foods are more than just caramel apples, pumpkin-spiced lattes and pumpkin pie.

Of course, I like all of these things, but I also like baking cookies or trying a new snack.

This weekend, I decided to try a recipe my friend had shared with me. It is called caramel marshmallow popcorn.

My friend said the recipe was easy to make, kids like it and it’s delicious. All three of those sounded good to me. So my sons, Matthew, 6, and John, 4, and I set to work making this yummy popcorn treat.

First, we got the brown sugar and butter. I let the boys help me measure it into a microwavable bowl and put it in the microwave for two minutes.

While the butter and sugar were melting we popped our popcorn. We put it in a large bowl and then took handfuls out to make sure we didn’t get any old maids on our baking sheet, which I had lined with wax paper.

We placed the popcorn on the baking sheet and left it there, while we returned to the butter and brown sugar mixture.

Then, I let my sons count out 10 marshmallows. Even though they both can count to 10, they added a few extra. I figured it wouldn’t hurt.

I put the mixture back in the microwave for another minute. Meanwhile, my sons were taking marshmallows and dipping them into the brown sugar for a snack to tie them over until the treat was finished.

After the timer beeped on the microwave, I took the hot mixture out. At this point, I told my boys to stay back because it was (H.O.T.) hot. I mixed the butter, sugar and marshmallows together and poured it on top of the popcorn on the baking sheet. I also left some popcorn in a bowl and poured some of the carmel mixture on it. I was testing to see which way would be the easiest.

The hardest part of the whole recipe was keeping my boys, and my husband, who came over to see what we were making, from eating the popcorn until it was cool enough to eat.

I mixed the popcorn in the bowl and started to scrape the rest of the popcorn off of the baking sheet. That is when I hit a snag. The mixture was sticking to the wax paper, but it didn’t stick to my bowl. Other than that, the recipe was a success.

I literally had carmel marshmallow popcorn in less than 10 minutes. Needless to say, it was gone even faster than that.

So if you are looking for a treat the whole family will enjoy, try the following recipe. Just make sure to mix it into a bowl instead of pouring it over popcorn on a baking sheet.

Marshmallow caramel popcorn

• 1/2 c. brown sugar

• 1/2 c. butter

• 9-10 marshmallows

• 12 c. popcorn

• Microwave brown sugar and butter for 2 minutes, add marshmallows and microwave until melted.

• Pour over popcorn. Stir the popcorn and carmel mixture. Wait for it to cool; and then eat it.


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