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By David Martin

Students remember classmate


Students, parents and teachers walked into the high school gym, many of them with shocked looks on their faces.

A few had tears in their eyes as they hugged and reminisced, wearing camouflage out of respect for their friend.

Green River High School hosted a remembrance for Maicy Braden, the 17-year-old student killed in a vehicle crash in Green River last Monday morning.

Students filled the bleachers as they listened to Principal Darrin Howard and welding teacher Tom Wilson speak to the gathered group.

“It’s been a long week ... I can’t imagine how long it has been for (Braden’s) family,” Wilson said.

Wilson taught Braden in his seventh hour class, saying he was shocked when Howard broke the news to him in Howard’s office.

Wilson said Braden showcased more industrial arts projects last year at the industrial arts fair than any other student at GRHS.

Wilson also described her as “a Wyoming woman,” saying she was tough on the outside and tender on the inside.

He said Braden planned to get a welding certificate from Western Wyoming Community College and start working at one of the mines as a welder.

He said it was an honor to be part of her life.

Wilson also said she embodied the Wyoming spirit because her favorite vehicle was a truck , saying one of her favorite activities was mudding and off-roading.

Wilson urged students and family to be kind to one another because they do not know the internal battle they face, reminding those in attendance that life can be unpredictable.

“The grim reality is there will always be an empty seat in seventh hour,” Wilson said,

Braden’s family was presented with her cheerleading uniform, which according to a note from the squad, represents joy and good times shared together.

Braden was a cheerleader for the GRHS wrestling squad.

Braden left an impact on other students as well. Autumn McKinney said she met Braden in the halls, describing her as an “amazing person to be around.

Braden’s services took place at GRHS Saturday morning.


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