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By Laura Profaizer
Community Development Director 

Notes from Town Square: City building permits through the roof


June 12 seemed like just another early summer Sunday.

At least, until 3:45 p.m. when a damaging hail storm passed through. In addition to the piles of hail and leaf covered streets the storm left in its path, it also left behind damaged roofs, siding and even a few broken windows.

Almost immediately after the storm, Green River Community Development started to see an increase in permits for re-roofing projects.

Of the 50 building permits issued in the month of June, nearly half (23) were issued for re-roofing projects.

The extent of structural damage within the city became more apparent in July when permit numbers jumped significantly. July brought in 91 building permits.

For comparison purposes, the average number of permits issued per month during the summer period (June-September) is right at 40 per month.

Of the 91 issued permits in July, 60 were issued for re-roofing and siding repair projects.

The significant jump in permits in July was nothing compared to the jump that occurred in August. In August, the Community Development Department received a record shattering 205 permits, of which 170 were issued for re-roof and/or siding repair projects.

Halfway into the month of September, it is looking like September’s permit numbers are going to top August’s numbers.

As of the close of business Sept. 16, Community Development has already received 203 permits, of which 189 are re-roof and/or siding repair permits.

The city’s Senior Building Inspector, David Allred, encourages all property owners to make sure that your contractor has a building permit before work begins.

An “orange card” will be provided to the contractor to post on the front door of the property when the permit is issued.

If a project involves an insurance claim, he advises to stay in communication with your insurance company and to ask for a blind quote from the contractor to see what they are claiming from your insurance company.

Also, do not sign or initial anything to just receive an estimate. Once you sign, you may only have a limited window of time to cancel the contract. Always read the fine print.

Lastly, the Community Development Department would like to ask property owners to encourage their contractors to buy materials from our local businesses.

Not only does this help our local business owners, who are also our neighbors, but it also keeps the sales tax dollars in our community.

As the campaign says, “support your own and spend at home.”


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