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By David Martin

Artwork in governor's mansion


One Green River artist’s work was recognized at a recent event at the governor’s mansion in Cheyenne.

Anna Harris, a senior at Green River High School, was recognized in Cheyenne for a two-dimensional piece she created during her junior year.

The piece depicts several stones stacked on top on one another in three stacks in front of a larger boulder.

Two boys are seen standing on the stacks of rocks, with only their lower torsos visible in the frame. Harris said the print was created using a printing place with the design etched on one side.

She covered the place in acid, which eats away at the etched sections of metal. She then processed the plate through a roller.

“River rocks is what I was going for, but a little humor as well,” she said.

The piece was selected for display at the Governor’s Mansion during the state art competition earlier this year, making Harris’ work one of 25 pieces from across the state to have the honor.

While at the state art show, Harris recalls losing her artwork after hanging it the night before the show opened at the Casper Events Center.

“I was the one who hung it up and I couldn’t find it,” she said.

Harris’ teacher, Shane Steiss, found the piece displayed at the front of the building, with the other artwork selected for display at the mansion.

“It was fun, I was excited,” she said.

During the reception at the mansion, Harris said her family showed up to the event early, but were allowed in despite the mistake.

Harris plans to continue taking art classes, signing up to advanced 2D and 3D art classes.


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