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Letter: Preacher doesn't agree with Greene


Dear Editor,

Mr. Ryan Greene, Wyoming congressional candidate, informed me Aug. 25, he is pro-choice (pro-abortion) and opposed to capital punishment (excusing a convicted killer from the death penalty).  As a conservative baptist preacher (independent, fundamentalist, King James Bible-only-believing, Christian), I find Greene’s position to be reprehensible. Every citizen-voter of moral conscience in this state must recognize that abortion is murder under any circumstance, and that the Authorized Word of God requires execution of every criminal-slayer (Rom. 13:4).  More so, when tax dollars and other public funding are used to back abortion clinics/advocates (Planned Parenthood), and when bleeding-heart liberal judges, juries, and prosecutors fail to terminate a murderer’s life, evil is on the rise. Unless he changes his principles, Greene may as well stop wasting his campaign money. He might be “outspent” and perhaps “overwork” his opponent, but at present his ethics are self-defeating.

Robert Horward

Rock Springs


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