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By Olivia Kennah
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Murphy and Ball move on in Ward I race

Ward I the only contested city race in election


Green River residents cast their votes yesterday and the results are in.

With Lisa Maes running unopposed in Ward II, and Brett Stokes and Robert Berg both automatically advancing to the general election for Ward III, all eyes were on the Ward I results.

The two candidates moving on are Tom Murphy and Ken Ball. Murphy received the most votes, 315, while Ball received 280 votes.

Richard Baxter received the least amount of votes with 225 votes, making up 27.44 percent of the vote.

As the race took place between three candidates, the top two in the primary election move on to the general election in November, with the third being dropped from the ballot.

Murphy said he was “very pleased” with the results and was already looking forward to the general election.

“I’m going to keep talking to people in town, start going door to door and I’m going to see if there are any forums I can speak at,” Murphy said. The votes Murphy received made up 38.41 percent of the vote.

Ball was excited about the primary results, having received 34.15 percent of the vote.

“I am very pleased with the results,” Ball said. “I am one step closer to serving the people and the community I love.”

Ball is also looking toward the future and preparing for the general election.

“As we move into the next round, I plan to continue campaigning and to strengthen my support from the community,” Ball said.

Richard Baxter was unavailable for comment as of press time.

Sweetwater County Primary Election Results

Bolded names indicate those who will go on to the General Election in contested races. These are unofficial results and reflect only ballots cast in Sweetwater County, an entire house or senate district.

These results are unofficial until certified by the Sweetwater County Clerk’s Office.

Green River City Council

Ward I

Tom Murphy -- 315

Kenny Ball -- 280

Richard Baxter -- 225

Ward II

Lisa Maes -- 434

Ward III

Brett Stokes -- 382

Robert Berg -- 355

Sweetwater County Commissioners


Wally Johnson -- 2,238

Don Van Matre -- 2,180

Raymond Avery -- 1,510


Gary Bailiff -- 1,508

Holly Dabb -- 1,146

Mark Peterson -- 939

Bodan Janota -- 794

Granger Town Council

Kimberly Nygaard -- 15

George Andrews -- 8

Rock Springs City Council

Ward I

Clark Stith -- 543

Kevin Harper -- 286

Ward II

Rob Zotti -- 1,002

Ward III

Glennise Wendorf -- 552

Ward IV

David Tate -- 461

Keaton West -- 280

RJ Pieper -- 148

Wamsutter Town Council

Roberta Patterson -- 37

Gary Waldner -- 33

U.S. Representative


Ryan Greene -- 1,929

Charles Hardy -- 660


Liz Cheney -- 1,667

Darin Smith -- 1,039

Leland Christensen -- 648

Tim Stubson -- 260

Jason Senteney -- 53

Paul Paad -- 51

Rex Rammell -- 38

Heath Beaudry -- 24

State Legislature

Senate District 12


Liisa Anselmi-Dalton -- 990

Senate District 14


Fred Baldwin -- 376

Don Lamborn -- 124


Charlotte Sedey -- 217

House District 17


Joann Dayton -- 493

House District 18


Scott Heiner -- 248

Lyle Williams -- 88

Kevin S. Simpson -- 67

Thomas Crank -- 65

Zem Hopkins -- 21


Michelle Irwin -- 223

House District 39


Stan Blake -- 491

House District 47


Julie McCallister -- 154

Jerry Paxton -- 147


Ken Casner -- 31

House District 48


Jackie Freeze -- 494


Mark Baker -- 642

House District 60


John Freeman -- 647


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