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By Catherine Duncombe
Green River Parks and Rec. 

Notes from Town Square: play together and stay together


What are your priorities?

Most people would say their family is at the very top of their priority list. If that’s true for you, how about trying a new quality activity to bring your family closer?

Studies show that a family that plays together stays together. Becoming active as a family and making physical activities a part of your everyday life can form positive lifelong habits for you and your children. If parents encourage outside play before dinner time or suggest a bike ride after dinner, it becomes the active norm in the family. This creates good habits in your children for a lifetime. Physical activity becomes the norm instead of playing video games and watching TV. Once this activity norm is set, most parents won’t have to suggest activities anymore because children will be suggesting them or coming up with their own. If it is the hope that exercise based activities will become the norm in your household and when they do, don’t just rely on signing your children up for youth sports or specialized activities. These programs teach many things such as teamwork, sportsmanship and specific skills, but many children won’t end up carrying those activities on through adulthood. That’s where individual or leisure activities are important to introduce to your family. In addition to youth sports programs, introduce activities such as hiking, bicycling, swimming, skiing, running or ice skating.

When parents take the time to exercise or be active with their children, they are not only forming good habits for the family they are also forming important bonds with their children. When the TV is off and you are outside with your kids there is nothing else to do but talk and form strong bonds and traditions with your children. When parents are being active with their children they are showing that exercising and healthy lifestyles are important. If we as parents don’t show children the importance of getting out in nature and moving, then the lesson is not learned. Actions in this case definitely speak louder than words. Be a role model to your own children and don’t let the media or others take the lead role.

As parents let’s take back that leading role and show kids how to be active, behave, be kind and be honest.

If you would like some opportunities for your family to play together, check out our Summer Run Series beginning in June.

The Green River Parks and Recreation Department in cooperation with the Rock Springs Parks and Recreation Department, Sweetwater County Library and Castle Rock Hospital District will host themed fun runs almost every Monday beginning June through August. We will have exciting and fun themes for each run. Be on the lookout for how your family can have fun and stay fit because a family that plays together stays together.


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