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By David Martin

Arts students impress at state


Star photo by David Martin

Torie Green, A freshman at Green River High School, looks at a vase on display in the gym. Traditional art, along with metal and wood-based projects, were on display earlier this week.

Artwork from Green River High School students impressed at the state art symposium, as well as the high school's art show.

Shane Steiss, an art teacher at GRHS said the submissions for state art won a large number of ribbons this year.

"I'm proud of them, they really worked hard," Steiss said.

The school displayed 292 pieces of art in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional mediums and were awarded 81 ribbons. Steiss said only one fourth of the work displayed at the symposium receives ribbons.

Two student projects were also selected for display in the Capital Building in Cheyenne. The pieces were by Anna Harris, who was one of 20 2D artists selected for the honor and Hayley Henderson, who was one of 16 3D artists selected.

At the school show, welding projects were also on display, including a fire pit created by freshman Zander Swett. Swett said he built the fire pit because his parents have wanted one for awhile and found while the project was challenging, he learned a lot from its construction.

Swett said he would like to become a welder, believing the job to be a cool career.

Ribbon count

Gage Hunt - 6

Gillian Maldonado - 1

Brandon lee - 1

Kamden Carrol - 10

Haley Henderson - 5

Jacob Olsen - 4

McKell Lyon - 6

Rebecca Higbee - 1

Lauressa Tramp - 2

Frankie Riley - 4

Brooke Franzen - 3

Sidney Peterson - 5

Isabel Leininger - 1

Elena Carrillo - 4

Chantel Fuss -2

Mercedes Negrete - 1

Anna Harris - 2

Alex Palmer - 1

Drew Wilson - 1

Emily White - 1

Mckenzee Mikesell - 2

Hailey Watterson - 1

Caitlin Crawford - 1

Vabsi Ibarra - 1

Natasha Beckermann - 1

Jana Lee Hoffmann - 1

Jacob Lock - 1

Star photo by David Martin

Freshamn Zander Swett shows off the fire pit he built for his parents.

Lexi Havens - 1

Wendy Justesen -1

Kaylee Laws - 2

Mylie Minard - 1

Kyle Howard - 2

Sydney Mandros - 2

Garrett Gotschall - 1

Destini Valdez -1

Philip Blume - 1

Anna Ujvary - 1


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