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By Lillian Palmer
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Coffee shop to give one jitters


Star photo by Lillian Palmer

Jessica Murphy hands a hot latte out the Jitters window. Customers can get a punch card; buy nine drinks, get the next one free.

Locally-loved drive-thru coffee shop Java Connection got the "Jitters" recently. This bustling business has a new owner and a face lift. Susan Murphy reopened the coffee shop Feb. 27, as Jitters.

In recent years, the locally owned drive-thru coffee shop and ice cream shop at 705 Uinta Drive has been a seasonal business. Pat and Tom Tucker owned the duo shop on Green River's main drag for years, where many residents frequented and regulars knew their favorite concoctions.

Murphy was one of those local regulars, but more so Murphy had previously leased and ran the shop for about a year in 2008, before taking her full-time job at Solvay where she's been for eight years. Murphy said Pat taught her everything.

"A lot of people know me from when I ran it before, so it's nice to see the same faces and new faces. You get regulars here every day and then you get on a first-name basis, it's kind of fun," Murphy said. "I never dreamed about opening it again, but opportunity came and so I jumped right in."

Pat put her Java Connection and ice cream shop up for sale and the property was bought by chiropractor Tom Arnold. It was Arnold that approached Murphy about possibly re-opening the coffee shop. There will be no more ice cream shop though; that will be the future location of Arnold's chiropractic business. Jitters will continue the drive-thru coffee-shop portion of the business, and it's a family affair.

While Murphy works full-time at Solvay, her daughters Jessica and Abby Murphy and employee Jorie Licht run the shop during the week.

"I was little when my mom ran it before, I just got kids drinks. It's cool to be the one making it now," Abby said. "You can do so many things. It's fun to think of things to mix too."

Abby makes and tries any of their many flavors now. When Murphy took over the business, she made sure to keep all the drinks and flavors the Java Connection patrons were accustomed to, and then added more. There are many new flavors in the list to choose from. Jitters has a variety of drinks to choose from, an even wider variety of flavors; 26 fruit flavors, 36 non-fruit flavors and 17 sugar-free flavors.

Star photo by Lillian Palmer

Jitters owner, Susan Murphy, pours a freshly mixed drink for a customer. Jitters serves drinks weekdays; 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturdays; 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sundays; 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

"I like chocolate," Abby said. "I usually add raspberry to it. The other day I tried amaretto and almond; it was delicious."

One doesn't have to order fancy-flavorful coffee drinks either though. Jitters makes fresh-brewed drip coffee every day. If coffee isn't palatable to some, there's a variety of non-coffee drinks and non-caffeinated drinks too. They offer a variety of bagels and cream cheeses, and plan to start serving other breakfast items soon.

Murphy plans to officially open with a grand-opening celebration in May. There will be drink giveaways, flavor samples, specials and a barbecue.

It's the beginning of a fun, family endeavor.

"I'm excited that it's mine," Murphy said. "This is mine and we are out to provide great service, great products. We're just here to have fun, make good drinks and make new friends."


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