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On building a wall


This is not to disparage legal immigration. Far from it!

But, currently, procedures are available and are not particularly odious or difficult.

Time consuming, yes, but not prohibitive. My own father and grandmother went through it, from Cayman Islands.

I also have several close friends in Corpus Christi, Texas and Dallas, Texas who are legal immigrants from Mexico and who have no patience with those who want to “just walk in.” They and their parents all endured all the rigmarole to be legal, and they were car mechanics and occasional day-laborers at the time. And yet, they didn’t think the USA was “unfair” or unduly “burdensome” in its requirements. It was just the procedure required.

Every country has some method of formally letting people come in. This is ours.

Should it be easier? Yes. Simpler? Yes. But it is doable as it is.

Lets look for better ways to do it, sure! Every thing can be , and should be improved. Meanwhile, observe the law, as it is!

By the way, if the Pope spent more time worrying about his own church’s problems with decades of proven, rampant pedophilia instead of some other country’s alleged problem with immigration, we’d all be better off.

“A person who thinks of building walls instead of bridges is not Christian,” -- The Pope

This was spoken like a person who has never built anything, and who hasn’t the faintest idea of the basics involved in building or what to do first in even preparing to build, on a neighborhood scale or country wide.

Entirely what I would expect of a Pope unless he had a degree and considerable experience in basic construction.

One might try learning a bit of something other than matters, religious, before pontificating on them!

Ask yourself, given a plot of land proposed for a building project, and further given all the pre-construction plans and paperwork to do so, what’s the first effort to take in actually doing the job?

Step One: Clear the land of all above surface debris and subsurface obstructions in the way of the project presently, then further set out a job perimeter to keep any other debris or obstructions from invading the work site while work is ongoing. Basic job rules.

You can’t get any work done with past or constantly incoming, unplanned obstructions. At the very least, it’s progress slowing and at the worst, entirely progress prohibitive.

That’s what building a wall is all about!

It’s a necessary part of setting out of an inviolable work perimeter, preventing any further unplanned anything from obstructing the work site while events are ongoing to enable planned future expansion –including the organized introduction of further occupants to the site, until the site is ready for them!

Otherwise, letting just anyone, of any qualification wander onto and around the area, at random, unfettered, gets in the way of those others actually doing the work,-- thereby jeopardizing the eventual outcome for everyone!

So, in order to prepare for the alleged “Christian” objective of accommodating potentially greater number of legal, prospering occupants, we must first build a fence or wall to temporarily keep random wanderers off-site and from underfoot while the work is underway that will eventually accommodate an even greater number of migrants to enter the area, than simple, random entry now allows.

As I said above, one is necessary in order to eventually accommodate the other.

Harris Foster

Green River


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