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By Stephanie Thompson
People Editor 

Head butt might lead to prison time


A Green River man accused of head butting his stepson could face prison time if he is found guilty of child abuse.

Michael Wayne Wright, 47, appeared in the Third District Court of Judge Nena James at an arraignment to a felony charge of child abuse. If found guilty, Wright could face a maximum of 10 years in prison and a maximum fine of $10,000.

According to court documents, on Sept. 4, 2015, a Green River Police officer responded to a report of possible child abuse. The officer visited with a 16-year-old boy, who told him his stepfather, Michael, had head butted him.

The officer noticed the boy’s nose appeared to swollen and was slightly discolored. Both the boy and his mother, Shirley Wright, told the officer there was a drop of blood when the alleged head butting occurred.

Both Shirley and the boy told the officer the alleged head butt was not an accident, but intentional. The boy also told the officer that Michael is “always physically and verbally abusive towards him.” The boy said the whole incident started while the boy was hooking up a cell phone.

The boy told the officer Michael had called him a couple of names and then allegedly used his forehead to head butt him in the nose.

The boy pushed Michael away and walked outside.

Michael was interviewed by an officer and he told the officer the head butt was an accident. He said he was turning the corner to the hallway when he accidentally ran into the boy. The officer believed Michael to be intoxicated and his breath had a moderate alcohol order.


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