By Lillian Palmer
Staff Writer 

Kindness is a lifestyle, not a resolution


Green River is good at being kind. It is something that we all need in our lives. Many in the community do very well at giving and being generous during the holidays and all year round. With the new year here and chatter of new year’s resolutions in conversation, I’d like to remind people of kindness, though I do not want it to be a resolution. Kindness is a lifestyle.

There are a couple neighbors of mine down my street that have been kind, good neighbors during the winter snow storms we have had this season. After the snow has fallen, they get their four-wheeler and side-by-sides out with their homemade shovel contraptions built on, and go down our street and sidewalks and plow away. Because of them, my little car no longer has trouble getting through the high snow drifts. They wouldn’t have to shovel our entire street and sidewalks, but they do, and for that I am grateful.

Their lifestyle of kindness didn’t just start at the first of the year. It wasn’t a resolution for them. It’s just something they do.

Going forward in this year, I will remember and encourage others to be kind and thoughtful and giving. Don’t make it a resolution. Just do it.

It doesn’t take much to extend a hand of kindness. It could be to anyone you see. Do a kindness for someone and expect nothing in return. Pay for the car’s food order behind you in the drive through, give compliments, shovel someone’s sidewalk, ask how someone is doing and actually listen to their response. Just because the holidays are over, the spirit of kindness should still go on. Carry kindness with you into the new year. Make it your lifestyle, not your resolution.


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