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By Lillian Palmer
Staff Writer 

Where did all the movie listings go?


A man just walked in the office asking about why the local movie theatre listings are not in the newspaper. Truth is, we’d love to see the movie theatre listings back in the newspaper just as much as anyone else. Perhaps the movie theatre just assumes we all happily do an internet search for movie listings every time we’d like to go out to a movie, and such is not the case. Of course, unless we want to make the drive to the movie theatre or search for the movie theatre’s phone number to call. Our other options are to look up the movie theatre on the internet, or download the movie theatre’s app.

Now, I am not of the baby boomers generation, nor am I lumped into Generation X, but I can say I do prefer the times when I could simply flip open the newspaper laying on the kitchen table and look at the movie names and times all at a glance.

Seeing as we all feel the same here, and we’ve received numerous inquiries about the subject, we see fit to strive to bring back the movie ads in the newspaper. No promises though, because ultimately it’s not up to us, it’s up to the movie theatre, because it’s a paid ad. Alas, this is not solely a Green River problem. It is an issue that other communities and newspapers are facing as well. It truly is a first-world problem, but a convenience many prefer, especially those who are newspaper subscribers.


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