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Our View: Cheer on our Green River Wolves


Normally, on this portion of the Opinion Pages, we chose a topic to write about in an attempt to weigh-in on an issue and sometimes explain what we think the best course of action is to deal with that issue.

There are a huge number of subjects for us to broach too. A few ideas we’ve had kicking around include local housing, the U.P. Depot, community involvement and how the city should have planned how to pay for the water-treatment facility years ago. But, we figure those thoughts can wait a week.

Instead, what we want to do is urge Green River’s residents to do one thing -- support the GRHS football team Friday. They’re going to play in the largest stadium in Wyoming for the glory of being called “State Champions.”

It’s been a long and difficult road for them and one a number of people, including a few of us at the Star, didn’t see ending in Laramie.

The fact they were able to persevere throughout the season and pull off an amazing upset victory over an undefeated Jackson Hole team last week shows they deserve to compete at War Memorial Stadium. They also deserve all the support they can get, not because they need it going into their contest against Star Valley, but because they’ve earned it through their hard work.

It’s short notice, but we think War Memorial Stadium should be overflowing with green and black.

Anyone who is able to, and wants to watch what should be a great final game, should make the drive to Laramie Friday morning.

We may not be able to completely fill War Memorial, as its capacity is more than twice Green River’s population. However, a large swath of people in their green and black will send a message to both our players and to Star Valley that we support our Wolves.

After two lackluster years, the Wolves have made an amazing comeback with their berth to the state championship game.

Regardless of how it goes, it will be the day of a lifetime for everyone on the field and will live on in their memories forever.

Green River’s residents can be a part of those memories and should make the effort to go. “We played the state championship at the University of Wyoming football field, but a lot of our fans didn’t make the game,” is a sad way to reminisce about what should be an amazing memory.

We’re certainly cheering them on.

Go Wolves!


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