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By David Martin

Sweetwater Library's teen area updated


Teens going into the Sweetwater County Library can look forward to visiting their own cozy corner.

The library recently updated its teen area to be more inviting to Green River’s teens, while showcasing a larger collection of books and graphic novels aimed at them. Mary Halterman, the library’s young adult librarian, said the library also placed new furniture in the area unique to the library. One of the new purchases are a set of noodle chairs, which Halterman said are often used for people who tend to by fidgety.

“I think they’re quite fun,” she said. “They’re very sturdy.”

Along with the chairs, the library placed a table for students to sit around and finish their homework. Teens can also sit in soft reading chairs and charge electronic devices through a nearby charging station. A capsule dispenser was also installed. The dispenser, which is not coin operated, contains small slips of paper with information or questions printed on them matching a monthly theme. Halterman said teens can answer questions printed on those pieces of paper for a piece of candy.

The book offerings to teens have expanded as well, with the new young adult section encompassing a majority of the shelf space. The bookshelf endcap also features books following a specific theme, which currently revolves around fractured and retold fairy tails. Books available for teens also include advice books, including offerings geared towards religious teens.


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