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By Stephanie Thompson
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Preschoolers make crafts for their moms


Stephanie Thompson

Students at the Green River Co-op Preschool were busy making Mother's Day gifts Friday morning.

Friday, students at the Green River Co-op Preschool were busy making special crafts for Mother's Day.

After listening to a story, the students broke out into groups. Some groups were coloring, some were drawing pictures; while another group was working with Debbie Varley on Mother's Day finger print flowers.

The students took turns placing their index finger into different colors of stamp ink. They then tried to make flowers.

This was a project the students had worked on during the week and were finishing up Friday.

First, the students cut out brown paper and glued it to the bottom of a piece of white construction paper. The brown paper was made to look like the bottom of a flower pot. Next, the students put their hands in paint and applied it to a piece of heavy construction paper above the brown paper. It was made to look like the hand was a plant and the ends are where the flowers are going to be.

After the paint dried, it was time for the students to dip their pointer fingers into stamp ink and then make a flower on the top of each finger print.

The students were having a great time applying the finger prints to make flowers. Some were pretty good at following instructions, while others decided to make their own creations.

The students quickly learned that they needed to wipe off the stamp ink on their fingers before trying to get another color. The students would laugh as they saw different colors on their fingers.

At another station, students were busy coloring a bird. They were selecting their favorite colors and coloring the birds feathers in. When some had finished their birds before others, they were encouraged to draw pictures. Two boys were busy drawing their favorite super heroes. They then told each other stories about the super heroes they had drawn.


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