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Letter: Gerrymandering blamed for GOP successes


Dear Editor,

Why all of a sudden do Republicans have a large majority in the House of Representatives. It certainly can’t be because American voters loved the last six years of “do-nothing” Republican obstruction and extremism. 

Republicans have discovered the magic bullet for corrupting the election system - Republicans discovered another flaw in America’s antiquated electoral process. The party that controls state legislatures has the task of redrawing (gerrymandering) the boundaries of congressional district maps every 10 years following the census report.  Republicans have taken full advantage of this flaw in the electoral process and have redrawn the congressional district maps to favor Republican candidates;

The result is that the Republican party now controls 30 state legislatures.

If you’re expecting Republicans to repent their sins don’t count on it. The Republican State Leadership Committee and its leaders Bill McCollum, RSLC President Matt Walter and his predecessor Ed Gillespie spent years developing and perfecting this gerrymandering scheme that has given Republicans its largest congressional majority in 70 years. What are the Democrats, justice department, the media doing about this Republican crime against Democracy that has totally distorted the election process in favor of the Republican Party? Why even vote any more if a Republican victory is a given?

Ron Lowe

Nevada City, Calif.


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