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Letter: Law makers should consider abortion bill


Dear Editor,

It was disappointing to see the legislature reject a bill that would have required doctors to advise women seeking abortions, at least 24-hours before the procedure, that they could see an ultrasound of the fetus and listen to its heartbeat. Astonishingly this bill was rejected. The sponsor of the bill, Rep. Tom Reeder of Casper, said that his bill would have helped women to understand that the abortion procedure would have consequences for her unborn child and that an ultrasound would allow her to see that, “what she was carrying is not just a blob of tissue.” Speaking against the bill was a woman who had an abortion for convenience and said that, “it is not the legislature’s job to prevent people from making decisions that they might regret, or that other people might disagree with.” A doctor from Cheyenne also said, This bill gives the impression that women who become pregnant somehow lose the ability to think for themselves, that they are somehow incompetent, so the state needs to come in and help regulate or intervene in their thought process.” Where is the compassion? Why wouldn’t both sides of the issue want to provide all of the information possible to women considering an abortion and do everything possible to convince a woman not to have an abortion? Who is harmed if a woman carries her baby to term? The answer is, “no one!” It’s as if the pro-abortion people want a woman to get an abortion without any counseling at all! Perhaps they think this will somehow validate their stance on abortion! It is hard to believe there are people in Wyoming this callous! How many women have had an abortion and regretted it and have suffered the consequences for years after? Fortunately there are Christian-based groups that offer free pregnancy tests, ultrasound and education for these women that helps and encourages them as they consider their options.

Terry Rehak



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