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By Stephanie Thompson
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Team's winning streak continues


The Green River High School Speech and Debate team continues to bring home first-place finishes.

During the Riverton tournament, which took place Feb. 13 and 14, Green River took first place with 76 points, while Riverton came in second place with 26 points. Jackson, which competes in the 3A division had 30 points and Evanston took third in 4A division.

Head coach Carina Stulken said Evanston and Riverton were the teams biggest competition at this tourney.

“This tournament was smaller in scale with only 14 schools attending, but it was later in the season and gave students a chance to work on pieces before state and districts,” she said.

Dallin Hoyt was one of the students who stood out at this tournament. Stulken said Hoyt, who is a freshman took second place in humor for the second time in a varsity tournament.

“We are redoing our practice schedule so that all events meet at the same time rather than having an individual sign up time for some events,” Stulken said. “We want to set goals for districts and state and then work hard in the next few weeks to achieve them.”

The state competition will take place March 12-14 in Buffalo and districts is March 19-21 in Riverton.

Fourteen teams attended the Rawlins tournament, which was this past weekend. Green River once again claimed the first-place spot with 77 points, while Cheyenne East took second place with 50 points and Riverton grabbed the third place spot with 22 points.

“Cheyenne East is always a worry for us and we were happy to come out on top. We were missing 22 members of our team this weekend for various reasons and some of them were students who always get to finals and so I was concerned,” Stulken said. “As usual, however, our team rose to the occasion and pulled out a win.”

Victoria Gilliam won both Congress and Lincoln Douglas debate with a close out tie for first place with Kaitlyn Tyler, who also got second place in extemporaneous speaking.

“These two ladies scored 25 points for their team this weekend,” she said.

The team will take a break from competition this weekend, but that will not stop them from practicing.

“We always have work to do,” Stulken said. “We are three weeks from the state tournament; and while we are holding off announcing the state squad we are having every team member set goals to work as hard as they can and stay motivated to prepare for state.”

The team is scheduled to complete in Warland March 6-7.

This will be the teams last regular season tournament before state.

Riverton Results


Semifinalists: Morgan Burbank, Colt Parson and Emma Nathan

Finals: Dallin Hoyt, second place, Phaedon Jones, third place 


Semifinalist: Victoria Allen

Finals: Jeremy Adriano, first place, Maggie Fischer, second place


Semifinalists: Mikki Makie, Sarah Sullivan, Leslie Patterson and Sierra Brown 

Finals: Kat Knight, second place

Extemporaneous speaking 

Semifinalists: Spencer Kurth, Gregory Marchal and Mike Montoya 

Finals: Alexander Marchal, second place, Kirsti Patterson, third place and JD Richardson, sixth place


Semifinals: Atlin Johnson

Finals: Alan Halverson, second place, Victoria Gilliam, third place, Kaitlyn Tyler, fifth place


Semifinalist: Elaine Comer

Finals: Sarah Sullivan, third place, Jon Howard, fifth place


Semifinalists: Phaedon Jones and Johnny Makie and Brett Smith and Colt Parson

Finals: Haylee Heiner and Katarina knight, third place, Sheridan Stock and Emma Nathan, fifth place, Reina Kropf and Leslie Patterson, sixth place

Cross examination

Patrick Harvey and Alan Halverson and Kirsti Patterson and Jeremy Adriano, first-place tie

Gregory Marchal and Alexander Marchal, third place

Public forum debate 

Maggie Fischer and JD Richardson, first place 

Lincoln Douglas debate 

Victoria Gilliam, second place

Abigail Grubb, third place

Rawlins results

Congress finals: Victoria Gilliam, first place, JD Richardson, second place, Kirsti Patterson, fifth grade, Alan Halverson, sixth grade, Savannah Hook

Cross examination debate finals: Alan Halverson and Patrick Harvey and Savannah hook and Alexander Marchal, first-place tie

Public forum debate semifinals: JD Richardson and Maggie fisher, third place

Lincoln Douglas debate finals: Victoria Gilliam, Kaitlyn Tyler, first place tie

Drama semifinals: Jon Howard

Duet semifinals: Karlee Cutler and Lyndzi Johnson, Reina Kropf and Leslie Patterson

Poetry semifinals: Amy Grass, Sarah Sullivan, Leslie Patterson, Elaine Comer

Poetry finals: Sydney Burbank, fourth place, Mikki Makie, fifth place

Extemporaneous speaking: semifinalist: Mike Montoya

Finals: Kaitlyn Tyler, second place, Alexander Marchal, fifth place

Humor finals: Phaedon Jones, fifth place


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