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By Jack H. Smith
Staff Writer 

A rewarding Saturday morning


I didn’t want to get out of bed last Saturday morning.

I was tired and I didn’t sleep well. I tossed and turned all night with a million things going through my head.

When my alarm finally woke me up from the one solid hour I had of consecutive sleep, my knee hurt pretty bad and I had a slight headache.

It was warm in my bed, and after peaking my out of the covers to look outside showed me that it was cold outside.

I just wanted to stay in my bed till at least 10 a.m., than slowly proceed to the rest of my day and eventually get up to the high school to cover the regional wrestling tournament.

At least this was the plan prior to Friday evening when I was asked to cover an event Saturday.

I usually like a little bit more notice because I like to get a firm schedule down, but I’ve got no problem adjusting and it really sounded like an interesting event so I didn’t mind.

It was just the getting out of bed part that was rough. I was being a huge baby.

I was going to cover a presentation and demonstration by Matt “The Inspirational Archer” Stutzman who is a successful professional archer despite being born without arms.

He was able to drive his truck with no modifications and just his two legs.

Watching him shoot his bow was amazing. Using his feet he was able to hit just about every target he wanted to. He actually holds the world record for longest accurate archery shot.

Stutzman always wanted to be the best at something and he did it.

Throughout his presentation he joked and smiled. He was happy with his life.

It made me think, I was complaining about a sore knee, a slight headache, and getting out of bed when those are just minuscule things. They really don’t mean that much.

Matt Stutzman has overcome adversity and enjoys each day with an amazing attitude.

I’m very lucky to have my health, my family, and my friends.

I’ve taken for granted the good things I have and how others don’t have it so great.

I’d like to thank Matt Stutzman for giving me a fresh perspective on things.

It was a nice change.

Maybe I’ll start to get up early every Saturday morning.


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