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 Opinion    March 22, 2017 

Our View: Foundation shouldn't lose pledges

With all that has happened regarding Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County, one of the areas not impacted is its most important service, healthcare, and shouldn’t impact donations given to its foundation. During her presentation to the board two...

 By Mike Enzi    Opinion    March 22, 2017 

Supreme Court needs a judge who understands the West

Last month President Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to be America’s next Supreme Court Justice. He is an admirable choice, not only because of his unquestionable legal experience, but because of his knowledge and understanding of the West....

 By From the City of Green River    Opinion    March 22, 2017 

Notes from Town Square: Flood questions and answers

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was created in 1968 with the passing of the National Flood Insurance Act for the purposes of: guiding development away from flood hazard areas; requiring stricter construction standards for new and...

 Opinion    March 15, 2017

Our View: Why public notices are published

The public notices that run in this newspaper are placed there, by law, primarily for your protection. Back when the states decided to adjudicate newspapers, it was because paid circulation papers like this one were the single best place to keep the...

 Opinion    March 15, 2017

Letter: State Legislators Deserve Appreciation

Dear Editor, After a grueling two months, the General Session of the 64th Wyoming State Legislature has come to a close. While the media and political pundits analyze their work, our state legislators have returned home to meet with their...

 By Mike Nomis    Opinion    March 15, 2017

Notes from Town Square: As we move from Winter to Spring

With our record snowfall this winter and spring on the horizon, warmer temperatures and nicer days are just around the corner. Mother Nature is unpredictable during this time of year, which could mean severe storms and flooding that will coincide... Full story

 By Stephanie Thompson    Opinion    March 15, 2017

Yum! Green eggs and ham

One doesn’t have to wait until Dr. Seuss’ birthday to have green eggs and ham. Last week, the preschool my youngest son, John, 4, attends was hosting a Dr. Seuss event. This event was not only... Full story

 By Amanda Benson    Opinion    March 15, 2017

Artifacts showcase residents' poetic and musical talents

March’s Artifact of the Month is a little different as it features two artifacts instead of one. The first is a poem written by William J. Stroud, also known as “Rocky Mountain Bill,” titled “The Last Supper.” The second artifact is sheet...

 Opinion    March 8, 2017

Our View: Delegation should travel Wyo.

Generally speaking, it isn’t a policy for this newspaper to publish letters to the editor signed by groups. Of course, exceptions can be made and while a recent letter we received doesn’t warrant special treatment, the subject it brings up is...

 By Tom Gagnon    Opinion    March 8, 2017

A reflective walk through the Dark Canyon

Walking the land is a form of poetry. My preference is off-trail walking, especially in the high deserts of the west. Every curve and slope, drainage and rock outcropping, becomes an experience. There is no better way to observe animals, plants,...

 By Jennie Melvin    Opinion    March 8, 2017

Notes from Town Square: The American Legion in GR

Have you ever wondered exactly who are the American Legion and what do they do? I spoke to Tom Niemiec, Adjutant of the American Legion Tom Whitmore Post 28 in Green River to get some insight. Tom told me that the American Legion has always been arou...

 By Stephanie Thompson    Opinion    March 1, 2017

A few hours stuck on I-80

Snowfall last Thursday made for an unusual day for residents of Sweetwater County. Snow accumulation and terrible road conditions were anything but typical. Since I drive back and forth between Green...

 Opinion    March 1, 2017

Letter:HB 271 is very bad for Wyoming

Dear Editor, This bill, which would allow private game farming of greater sage grouse, is both misguided and dangerous to our Wyoming lifestyle. The most damaging provision would be the loss of Wyoming’s legacy of disallowing the privatization of...

 By Laura Leigh and David Allred    Opinion    March 1, 2017

Notes from Town Square: More tips for successful construction

In the Feb. 15 article “Notes from Town Square: Tips for a Successful Construction Project, Part One,” we discussed the initial steps for a successful construction project including planning your project and selecting your contractor. We will...

 By Devon Brubaker    Opinion    March 1, 2017

Airport is important to area

Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport plays a critical role in fostering business and economic growth in Southwest Wyoming with over $31 million in annual economic output. The airport handled more than 1.2 million pounds of cargo, 16,600 aircraft...

 By Trudy Lieberman    Opinion    March 1, 2017

Clarifications sought about Medicare issues

Over the past few months, these columns have raised plenty of questions about Medicare, present and future, and I’ve received many responses to those questions from readers. Today’s column addresses some of readers’ concerns about Medicare, a...

 Opinion    February 22, 2017

Our View: Work on education disappoints

When we send this newspaper off to the printers, the Wyoming Legislature will have seven days left to debate and resolve the state’s biggest issues. We find that unacceptable. According to local representatives Stan Blake and John Freeman, the...

 By David Martin    Opinion    February 22, 2017

Response illustrates conflict of interests

A conflict of interest as defined by the Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary is “a conflict between the private interests and the official or professional responsibilities of a person in a...

 By STEPHANIE THOMPSON    Opinion    February 22, 2017

When the hurricane hit my house

Just when it seems like there is finally a calm in my house, another storm seems to hit. This time the storm hit in a different way. Unlike other storms, this one was caused by my two, sweet, innocent...

 Opinion    February 15, 2017

Our View: County action was necessary

What transpired last week between the Sweetwater County Commissioners and the members of Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County’s Board of Trustees is unprecedented, but we think few options were left on the table. What isn’t disputed is the...

 By Laura Leigh    Opinion    February 15, 2017

Notes from Town Square: Tips for a successful project, part one

Seeing the piles of snow slowly melt away is a nice reminder that construction season is just around the corner. Last year was an unusually busy year for construction within the city, mostly in part to the freak hail storm that we were dealt in...

 By John Barrasso    Opinion    February 15, 2017

Barrasso now chairman of senate committee

We now have a new administration. In January, I became chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. President Trump announced his nominee to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. The Senate also started the process of rolling back punish...

 By Trudy Lieberman    Opinion    February 15, 2017

Don't rely on pharmacies to catch drug interactions

When you fill a prescription at your local pharmacy, you assume the medicine you receive is safe and won’t interact badly with other drugs you’re taking. That’s not an unreasonable assumption, considering that pharmacists enjoy a positive...

 By David Martin    Opinion    February 15, 2017

The difference a line can make

Producing a newspaper week in and week out can be an intense process and sometimes items make it to print in a way that has some unintended consequences. This was the case last week with the...

 Opinion    February 8, 2017

Letter: An open letter to John Barrasso

Dear Sen. Barrasso, I am disappointed that you did not include Teton County in your scheduled constituent visits this February. Many people whom you represent are quite concerned about your recent voting record on cabinet positions, executive...


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