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Our View: Parents must talk to legislators

With the closure of Jackson Elementary School officially announced with a vote Tuesday night, parents and concerned residents should be more motivated than ever to contact legislators and tell them to find ways of saving money without cutting...


Letter: Travelers Assistance Society gives aid

Dear Editor, Wyoming is a big beautiful state enjoyed by many people driving through from one destination to another. Many times, people stop to enjoy one of the many wonderful sites Wyoming has to offer. There are a few times though when travel...

 By Katie Blood    Opinion    November 15, 2017 

Notes from Town Square: The pool is the place to be

The Green River Recreation Center has a vast array of fun things to do, even in the winter. One of the greatest assets in our facility is the pool. The 210,000 gallon pool, with its L-shape, can facilitate divers, lap swimmers, and recreational...


Is pumpkin spice season over?

Is pumpkin spice season, also known as fall, over yet? Yes. It’s almost as if during the past few years, the flavor has taken over the autumn. It’s no longer about the leaves turning color. Nope....

 By Lu Sweet    Opinion    November 15, 2017 

Lifelong Learning: The control panel of life

I have eight people in my household, so of course I was doing laundry the other day. Most of the time it feels like I do laundry every day. Don’t ask me why, but the other day I actually took a look at the control panel on the washer for a minute....


Our View: Donate to the county food bank

With Halloween firmly in the proverbial rear-view mirror, many are now turning their attentions to Thanksgiving and the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s holidays. With Thanksgiving a few weeks away, we would like to remind residents to think...


Come on, use the poo bags

Dear Editor, I’d like to express my thanks to the city of Green River for providing doggy poo bags and repositories. Many of our citizens readily use them. Unfortunately, some dog owners do not pick up after their pets. Hopefully, that will change...

 By TOM GAGNON    Opinion    November 8, 2017

The threats facing condors

Soaring high over the Arizona desert, condors search the landscape for meat. Anything will do: a gut pile left by a hunter; a lightning killed bison; or a tourist falling over the edge of the Grand Canyon. On an autumnal drive through northern Arizon...


Notes from Town Square: Shopping small on Small Business Saturday

It’s November so you know what that means! The holidays are coming up quickly and shopping is on our minds. Green River URA/Main Street would like to remind everyone to shop small and support our local businesses. Small Business Saturday is Nov.... Full story


Our View: A new name for an old concept

Fake news, as a concept, has been around at least as long as we’ve had politicians. But we used to call it something else: propaganda. That our President was able to harness the term and continue to ride its wave, is disconcerting to people in the...


Just take the time to listen

I truly believe that some of the greatest ideas come from children. We simply just have to take the time to stop and listen to them. I mean really, listen to them. That doesn’t mean we pull “the...


Update on action in Washington, D.C.

In the past few weeks, there have been several changes in Washington that will directly benefit people across Wyoming. These include Wyoming’s energy workers, families who need affordable health care, and those concerned with preventing wildfires.... Full story


Our View: Leave this state out of Bannon's war

Many of our readers have likely heard about a couple of potential challengers to Sen. John Barrasso in the coming election year. While we’re in favor of residents seeking public office to serve their city, county or state; we cannot support what...


RS teacher makes appropriate statements

Dear Editor, Gigi Jasper is an AP English teacher, at Rock Springs High School. Having worked in that school as a substitute teacher, I have covered for her at least twice. The walls of the room are covered in all kinds of stimulating pictures and... Full story


What's crawling on my face?

As I am laying in bed sleeping, I suddenly get the feeling that I should be awake for some reason. I lay there trying to decide if I am dreaming or if I do in fact feel something crawling on my face.... Full story


Tasty adventures in Sweetwater Co.

One of the aspects of living in Sweetwater County is the inevitable challenge of eating at a restaurant within a month of it opening. For that month or so, service to any brand-new eating...


Notes from Town Square: Planning a safe Halloween

Halloween is coming and the Green River URA/Main Street Agency wants to share some tips to ensure a fun and safe experience for everyone. These recommendations are from the American Academy of Pediatrics: *Plan costumes that are bright and...


Dealing with the Equifax beach

Typing your last name and final six digits of your social security number into Equifax’s website is sort of like getting a sore tooth looked at by the dentist - you know you need to do it, but the potential bad news you receive could lead to...


Our View: Closure is imminent, but cuts are worse

The closure of a school impacts an entire community. It isn’t just the students and staff being moved to another location, nor is it the physical act of closing a building and mothballing it for possible future use. With the closure of a school,... Full story


Letter: Gun issue should be dealt with immediately

Dear Editor, The second amendment of the United States Constitution states: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Obviously the need... Full story


Letter: RS resident upset with teacher

Dear Editor, I’m writing about a circumstance I find very upsetting. A picture that was sent to me that I’m told is hanging in Gigi Jasper’s AP English classroom at Rock Springs High School, of a caricature President Trump that says “STOP... Full story


Letter: Disagreeing with opening Boy Scouts to girls

Dear Editor, Now, more than ever, it is imperative for us to be the champion of girls. In today’s world, girls need girl-only spaces where girls are the first thought not an afterthought. Girls need to feel safe and encouraged by positive female... Full story


A ghost story of a different flavor

For some, terror comes in the form of the eldritch horrors imaged by H. P. Lovecraft or the most grotesque creatures dreamed up in Hollywood, while others may fear abduction by aliens and the...


Enjoying the yearly Trunk or Treat

For eight years, I have participated in Green River URA/Main Street’s Trunk or Treat. The Trunk or Treat may have moved locations a few times, but it’s always been fun. It’s a chance for local b...


Our View: Building should be saved

The Carnegie Library, or Green River Circuit Court building, has sat vacant for far too long and along with the U.P. Depot building downtown, deserves a better fate than what it has. For generations, the building was a portal to the world for Green...


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