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 By David Martin    City    February 15, 2017 

Flooding not a concern for Green River

While some portions of the state are experiencing flooding from increased precipitation, flooding in Green River isn’t a concern. According to data from the National Weather Service, Sweetwater...

 By David Martin    City    February 15, 2017 

Session frustrates school board

A few Sweetwater County School District No. 2 board members are feeling frustrated at how the legislative session in Cheyenne is going. Board chair Brenda Roosa said she’s disappointed and believes...

 By Stephanie Thompson    City    February 15, 2017 

Fight leads to probation

A sibling fight is the reason for one woman being placed on probation. Misty R. Mares, 25, of Green River appeared in the Third District Court of Judge Richard Lavery at a change of plea and... Full story

 By David Martin    City    February 8, 2017

U.S. Forest Service leaves GR

The U.S. Forest Service has abandoned its presence in Green River after the previous employee found new work. Tuesday night, Rebecca Eusek, director of the Green River Chamber of Commerce said the...

 By David Martin    City    February 1, 2017

City releases rate projections

Residents will receive a yellow paper with their water bill detailing projected rates over a five-year period the city may charge for utilities. The estimates stem from a utility rate review commissio...

 By Stephanie Thompson    City    February 1, 2017

GRPD officer's trial date rescheduled

A Green River Police officer, who is accused of murdering a two-year-old boy, has had his jury trial rescheduled. Jacob Anglesey, 35, was placed on administrative leave, after he was indicted for a fi...

 By David Martin    City    February 1, 2017

2016 permits increase valuation

Building permits in Green River during 2016 resulted in an increased annual construction valuation for the city. According to a report from the city’s Community Development Department, the construct...

 By Staff Report    City    February 1, 2017

Feeding deer can result in fines

During the past week, the Green River Police Department has dealt with a few calls regarding residents feeding deer, an activity against city ordnance. Feeding deer was a controversial topic in the past. The city council banned the feeding of deer...

 By David Martin    City    January 18, 2017

City preps for budget hearings

City department heads and council representatives will start working on the new budget at the end of the month and already face a few challenges. The Green River City Council approved the placement...

 By Stephanie Thompson    City    January 18, 2017

Recreation center sees increase in numbers

With New Year’s Resolutions still fresh in people’s minds, the Green River Recreation Center has seen a usage increase. However, that’s not the only reason the recreation center has seen an incr...

 By Staff Report    City    January 18, 2017

City seeks grants for Greenbelt, tree inventory

The Greenbelt might see some renovations if the city receives a $50,000 grant. Tuesday night, the Green River City Council approved a request to apply for a Doppelt Trail Development Fund grant. According to information provided to the council, the...

 By David Martin    City    January 11, 2017

Snow day adds to schedule

The first snow day in more than 30 years last week has resulted in another day getting added to the school calendar in Green River. The Sweetwater County School District No. 2 Board voted unanimously...

 By Stephanie Thompson    City    January 11, 2017

Weather causes bus problems

Bitter winter weather conditions caused Green River schools to close Thursday and busses to break down Friday. Last Thursday, Sweetwater County School District No. 2 declared a snow day, but it’s...

 By David Martin    City    January 11, 2017

Hospital kills agreement with Castle Rock district

A sudden termination of an agreement between Castle Rock Hospital District and Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County has left administrators at CRHD surprised. “The affiliation was terminated...

 By David Martin    City    January 4, 2017

To lease or not to lease?

To lease or not to lease was a question before the Green River City Council Tuesday night. The council debated if it should allow the Green River Police Department the ability to lease two patrol...

 By David Martin    City    January 4, 2017

New restaurant brings old flavors

For Coree Bybee, opening a restaurant was something she has always wanted to do. The name was something that came easily to her. The viaduct, the long bridge spanning the railroad tracks, has been a...

 By Stephanie Thompson    City    January 4, 2017

Man accused of sexual assault claims he's innocent

A man accused of sexual intrusion and hitting the alleged victim in the face claims he is innocent. Austin W. Pacheco, 24, of Green River, recently appeared in the Third District Court of Judge... Full story

 City    January 4, 2017

Community Calendar of the week of Jan. 4

Thursday, Jan. 5 Greenbelt Task Force meeting 6-7 p.m., city hall Friday, Jan. 6, Friday Night Skate Nights 7-8:45 p.m., Green River Recreation Center Saturday, Jan. 7 Float Time 1-2:30 p.m., Green River Recreation Center pool Space Mountain 1-2:30... Full story


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