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 By Tom Gagnon    Opinion    April 26, 2017

The devil and Donald Trump, a political analogy

Jabez Stone was a New Hampshire farmer. The time was before the Civil War. Things weren’t going well for him. Boulders emerged in his fields, his potatoes got the blight, his corn went to the borers, his horse got spavins, his wife and children...

 By Tom Gagnon    Opinion    March 8, 2017

A reflective walk through the Dark Canyon

Walking the land is a form of poetry. My preference is off-trail walking, especially in the high deserts of the west. Every curve and slope, drainage and rock outcropping, becomes an experience. There is no better way to observe animals, plants,...

 By Tom Gagnon    Opinion    February 1, 2017

The next economic boom will be Wyoming's last

Booming times for Wyoming’s oil, gas, and coal industries might come again, but the next boom may be the last one, or, at any rate, the booms will become less and less significant. Perhaps something like open warfare breaking out between Saudi...

 By Tom Gagnon    Opinion    January 4, 2017

Solar is the future Wyoming can't ignore

Riding with my friend John in his Nissan Leaf, an electric vehicle, the car made no sound at all. With the windows open you can hear the changing of gears on nearby bicycles, and you can hear the breeze in the branches over the boulevards. We were...


A jolting experience leads to gun control thoughts

Finding the body was a jolting experience. The skull was facing upwards. He had a full row of upper teeth, but the lower jaw was gone. What might have been a t-shirt covered his upper rib cage, but it looked like animals had been gnawing. Arm bones...

 By Tom Gagnon    Opinion    October 19, 2016

A hike in Utah ends with memorable find

Spotting the crack in the cliff from the dry floor of the canyon, it looked to require an ascent of about 300 feet on loose scree, some bushwhacking, and then a short climb. What I was looking for, I didn’t know, but probably would once I found...


The caveman and the bobcat

I sometimes camp under rock overhangs of about 5-50 feet deep, and a few to several feet high and wide. Here I’ll just call them caves. In the summertime I don’t generally camp in them, because there are too many critters like snakes and...

 By Tom Gagnon    Opinion    May 25, 2016

Coal and orange jump suits

At least now we have something to do with the rainy-day fund, and some people may need orange jump suits. It just seemed like a big hole in the ground, and how could that be bad out on the empty prairie. It was four decades ago. Cities like...


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