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 By Mark Westenskow    Opinion    April 12, 2017

Notes from Town Square: Q and A about privatization

In response to the recent utility rate analysis that recommends raising the residential garbage rate by $10-$12 per month, several calls have been published in the media for the City of Green River to privatize its garbage system. On the surface...

 By Mark Westenskow    Opinion    December 21, 2016

Notes from Town Square: Decisions help control costs

With the upcoming closure of the Green River City Landfill and the construction of the Transfer Station, many people are asking questions about how and why we are pursuing these actions, and what the city’s garbage system will look like in the...

 By Mark Westenskow    Opinion    September 16, 2015

Notes from Town Square: Supporting redevelopment

The term economic development may convey different meanings to different people. Some may envision stores, restaurants, and office buildings. Others may see new residential neighborhoods or apartment complexes. For the City of Green River...