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 By Amanda Benson    Opinion    April 5, 2017

Artifact of the month: A cure for that cough

Catching a cold can be a year-round occurrence and quite the nuisance when you catch one. Everyone hates the runny noses, sneezing and coughing that comes with a cold, and many people have go-to supplies for handling cold-related symptoms. For this...

 By Amanda Benson    Opinion    March 15, 2017

Artifacts showcase residents' poetic and musical talents

March’s Artifact of the Month is a little different as it features two artifacts instead of one. The first is a poem written by William J. Stroud, also known as “Rocky Mountain Bill,” titled “The Last Supper.” The second artifact is sheet...

 By Amanda Benson    Opinion    February 1, 2017

Museum showcases Smithsonian booklet for artifact of the month

February is typically known as a month of romance due in part to Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14. For this month’s Artifact of the Month, the Sweetwater County Museum is also getting into the romantic mood, but in a different sense. The featured...

 By Amanda Benson    Opinion    December 14, 2016

Museum features toy plane

It’s the holiday season, and many people are buying toys for the children in their lives. For December’s Artifact of the Month, the Sweetwater County Museum is featuring a toy airplane from the 1930s, which was donated to the Museum by Robert....

 By Amanda Benson    Opinion    November 2, 2016

Lighting cigarettes for political campaigns

Since November 2016 marks another election year, this month’s artifact of the month comes from political advertising for elections. This artifact is a matchbook advertisement from John Warden Opie’s re-election campaign for County Coroner around...

 By Amanda Benson    Opinion    October 5, 2016

Device reveals county's nuclear past

This month’s featured artifact is a Geiger counter donated to the Sweetwater County Historical Museum by Arnold M. Hannum. Geiger counters are used to detect ionizing radiation, and similar objects have been used in the uranium mining business in...

 By AMANDA BENSON    Opinion    August 24, 2016

A shell at the Sweetwater County Museum?

Among the collection of artifacts housed at the Sweetwater County Historical Museum is a large shell horn. With a red and black wooden mouthpiece installed on one side and tied with a dark red cord, t...